Do you want to keep your brain active?

Do you have the use of a computer or notebook?
Here are 2 Free ways to keep the grey cells working…

Future Learn
Free on line courses run by national and international universities. Some 4 hours a week with courses running from 2-6 weeks. All types of courses with interaction with other students on a discussion board within the course. Have a look keep busy, especially if it is raining and you cannot get in the garden.

Protect Study
Want to try and keep ‘Dementia’ at bay and help scientists to find out more about it? There has been a research project ‘Protect Study’ run by Kings College London and Exeter University since 2015. Initially there would be a few longer questionnaires to complete, and one a year. See
In between there is a series of Brain Training games to play. They start simply and then as you get more expert things become a little more difficult. An example, remember the plastic squares with movable tiles in them with one space, the tiles had to be moved to get the numbers or letters in a specific order. Another game is Odd one out. Have a read.

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